Improving Writing

4 07 2017

This is a much-improved piece of writing that shows how hard this young boy has been working over the past couple of months. Well done.

Maths in Reception

4 07 2017

This young boy is feeling very proud of himself; he’s been using different strategies to get the answers to these calculations.  Well done.

Writing Stories

30 06 2017

Look what this young boy brought in today – a 4-page story that he wrote at home with his younger sister.  What a brilliant thing to do!

Run, run as fast as you can …

15 06 2017

We know this is a good piece of work because of the hard work and effort that has been put into it.  Well done.

Reception Maths

9 06 2017

Well done to these two girls who have worked really hard to add money this morning.


Great work in Reception

23 05 2017

This young girl has done a great piece of work.  It was lovely to see how really proud she was.  Well done.

The Digestive System

16 05 2017

This afternoon, Year 6 created these brilliant t-shirts to show what the digestive system looks like inside our bodies.  Excellent work.

Home Learning

16 05 2017

Look what this young boy has been doing at home with his mum and dad.  He’s followed the instructions in his reading book to make a model of a cat.  It’s fantastic.  Well done … and well done to his parents, too.

Mindset Heroes

14 05 2017

Well done to all the children who have received a class certificate over the past two weeks.

Hot Chocolate Friday

14 05 2017

According to Mrs Wilson, this young boy has been working really hard.  Well done; keep up the good work.